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May 15-September 15, 2018

"Alaskan Handcrafted Soft Pretzels"

Call 321-4304 for inquiries

Opening Memorial Weekend 2018


Peterson's Pretzels

"Peterson’s Pretzels, a family owned business in Juneau, Alaska, offers superior, freshly baked, soft pretzels.  Made with the finest ingredients right down to the pretzel salt.

Each and every pretzel is hand rolled then baked to perfection.  We offer locals and tourists alike a healthy, quick snack to go. Whether you're strolling the streets of Juneau on your first Alaskan adventure or you just want an inexpensive lunch, Peterson's Pretzels are sure to satisfy. 

Our Current Locations

Hours of Operation (effective 3/10/18)

Food Trailer by Costco                        Juneau Drug Cart                         Steamship Landing                       

Open only Saturdays

March 16-April 30 then

September 15-October 30th

Hours 10 AM-4 PM